Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekend Plans

Anything exciting going on this weekend?  I have nothing planned, and I like it that way.  Every weekend has been something and I just want a weekend to stay home and veg.  I'm disabled so I can't even say I'd be doing laundry or cleaning the house.  My husband does that.  After a 40 hour week, he cooks every night and cleans on the weekend.  Could I ask for a better man?

So, anything happening?  Can I live through you for the weekend? lol


  1. I have no plans either ~ so no vicarious living through me please ~ you will just be bored out of your mind :) Unless you enjoy the book I'm reading ~ then you'll be happy as a clam, like me!

  2. Reading! Lots and lots of reading. Hope you and yours have a great weekend!

    1. Yup, you reminded me. I'm almost done with Devil's Mountain and then I don't know what. lol