Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Plans?

Do you have anything going on this weekend?
I don't think I'm doing a darn thing besides baking a crap load of cookies for the last day of my daughter's art club.  Oh, that plus the usual.  Laundry, reading journals, getting the kids to clean their rooms, etc.


  1. I so need to catch up on reading. The blog is killing me organizing a huge Halloween event a blog tour/giveaway hop. do you want to particpate?
    I have to read Bad Taste in Boys for a guest post giveaway next week finish Pretty
    Amy start Charade and Insurgent.

    1. When is it? Halloween? I might be interested depending on what to give away. Sounds like fun! but yes, you need to claim some reading time. lol My kids never let me read.