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{Blog Tour} Apex Predator (Beyond a Psychopath Series, Book One) by J.A. Faura

Apex Predator
J.A. Faura

Beyond a Psychopath Series, Book One
Psychological Thriller
Date Published: November 2014

What is the legal definition of human? Is there something beyond a psychopath? Are humans still at the top of the food chain? These questions and their answers play a central role in Apex Predator.
The novel is inspired by true events and utilizes real evolutionary, forensic psychiatry and cognitive science, making it truly frightening and thought-provoking.
The story, however, begins with Steven Loomis, a man, a father looking for answers after his daughter's kidnapping and brutal murder. He wants to understand what drives monsters like the one that kidnapped and killed his daughter. What he discovers is that his daughter’s killer was just the tip of the iceberg; that there are far more sinister and powerful forces at play, forces that Steven was not expecting nor prepared for. He realizes that what he has found is the most significant and real threat that humanity has ever faced. 
And while he wants to simply grieve like a father that lost his little girl, he realizes that he must play a role he is neither sure he is ready for nor willing to play. He ultimately understands that only he can warn the world about the threat, only he can do something about it. Steven Loomis finds himself in the fight of his life as he tries to warn the world of the threat, to protect his family and to keep himself out of prison.


“It was a cool night, not quite cold, but just at the point where people were beginning to think about wearing their scarves. Christmas season was just around the corner and the streets of New York were packed with early Christmas shoppers.
Not that anyone would be able to tell the difference, New York streets were always packed. People here never needed a reason. Trinity was just beginning his stroll.
He always liked to start at Central Park. He loved picking up the scents that so many people just took for granted. The dewy grass, the perfume of any one of thousands of women walking by, the mustard on the hot dog vendor’s cart, so many delights that it could be overwhelming.
Never overwhelming enough for the scent he truly craved, the one he actually allowed his nose to hunt for. Children. Like everything else, children gave off a distinct smell and Trinity could pick up that scent for miles.
Here at Central Park, however, he never needed to wait too long to pick up the scent. The smell of children’s shampoo, candy, ice cream smeared on a sweater, he could smell each and every one almost immediately. During his evenings of indulgence he did not like to stay around the park for long, lest someone get a clear look at his face.
That was another of New York’s gifts to his purpose, no one looked at anyone else past a cursory glance, and if they did it was more out of annoyance than curiosity.
Still, he wouldn’t take the risk when it was so unnecessary. On nights like tonight, it would not take him long to find what he was looking for. In fact, in the time it took for him to form that thought, he found exactly what he was looking for.
A mom, walking along with two children and a stroller, was just rounding a corner. And as if luck was truly smiling down on him tonight, they were headed for the ice rink.”

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About the Author

J.A. Faura

J.A. Faura's interest in the edges of human behavior and interaction have made him an expert on the use of forensic science in criminal defense including genomics, psychopathy and evolutionary biology.  The Beyond a Psychopath series is the culmination of three years of research into evolution, psychopathy and genetics and their impact on criminal defense law.  He is also a life member of MENSA.  He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and his two dogs.

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