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{Blog Tour} The Breakthrough by Fredric C. Hartman, PhD


The Breakthrough 
by Fredric C. Hartman, Ph. D.

Non-Fiction / Self Help
Date Published: Originally 2007 - Revised 2015

Dr. Hartman tells the story about our vulnerability to
 painful emotions, which flare up from the depths of
 our minds, casting spells over us. As the book unfolds,
 he develops two powerful ways to strengthen our
 consciousness enough to break these spells: one,
 by recognizing and grappling with the two surprisingly
 simple thoughts that lie at the heart
and generate the painin each of our negative
 emotions, and two, by learning to stay focused on the 
present momentthe single moment we spend 
our entirelives inwhose mysterious,
 unexpected nature he describes in vivid detail.

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From the Indroduction:

    This is a story about time, and the time travel that goes on inside our minds. Its the story about the way our consciousness lives its life, the way it falls through the time inside our minds back into the past, helplessly, and sometimes dangerously. And its about the way it undertakes the heroic journey back again into this present moment, where it does its greatest work and experiences its most profound wisdom and peace.
    Ive dreamed of creating a kind of experience which might help bring a reader, an audience, to see whats at the flash point of a major personal transformation. And I dont mean just a feeling of hope or inspiration. I want for people to seeto really seewhat I believe the mind looks like inside: what astounding things its made of, how the past lives right there inside it, and how to decipher and break the hypnotic spell we call emotional pain, which comes from that past. And I also want to convey some things Ive learned about the nature of this present moment were in, and how to mobilize new strength in order to feel steady, serene, resilient, and newly alive to it. And by doing this, I wanted to create something that might shorten how long it would take to reach a lasting breakthrough...
    I can claim no ownership of the ideas I express here. I discovered them the way people find minerals in the ground. Theyre all old ideas Ive rediscovered firsthand in my private practice. Theyve already been expressed in numerous ways by numberless people throughout human history. Beyond the native intelligence I possess, I know I have no great charisma to speak of, nor any extraordinary verbal gifts. But I do love human minds, and I love traveling them. And Im blessed to have been invited for so many years by so many people into these private, most sacred of all places. Beyond all of the illusions, stigma, and glamour about therapy, it is enigmatic, hallowed work to experience all of the sounds, images, and music in peoples lives, and to spend my days working to mobilize the potential in them.
    Working on this book felt like I was preparing a gift. It contains the essence of the interactiona kind of pheromone exchange that occursin a place called an office (that looks more like a living room) between some- one who wants so much to give help and someone who wants so much to receive it. And most urgently of all, for these times we live in, I wanted to set down in words the simple chant of ideas that can ignite the wonder in us. And from the wonder, inspiration. And from the inspiration, the surging will to break the oppressive grip of pain from the past and move more freely into the teeming and sacred immensity of the present momentthe only moment we ever really have in life.

About the Author

Fredric C. Hartman, Ph. D.

I'm a clinical psychologist in private practice and make my home on Long Island, New York.


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