Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Witchbound Series Cover Reveal

Our own Parajunkee designed these covers!  Aren't they spectacular?

WitchBoundSeriesBanner Witchbound Series Cover & Trailer Reveals + Giveaway

 Parajunkee’s View is proud to introduce ROOTS & SPRUNG by Kelbian Noel
WitchboundFINAL med1 Witchbound Series Cover & Trailer Reveals + Giveaway
Seventeen-year-old Baltimore Land just wants to make things right, but magic has other plans.
I don’t consider myself a witch, that’s my parents’ thing. I’ve never really believed in magic either. Sure, I tried it a few times. Fell for the whole “magic happens” thing. But it didn’t happen to me. No amount of rhyming stopped my parents from moving me halfway across the country. Not one spell stopped me from being labeled the town freak.
And worst of all, no matter how many times I begged the Universe to bring my twin back, I was ignored. Until now.
He’s back all right. And in a magical bind of his own. Not the magic-won’t-work-for-me kind either. In fact, it’s working a little too well. Too dark. Too deep.
It turns out our entire family’s magical roots run just as deep and my brother didn’t end up where he is by accident. So I’m going to help him. But magic isn’t really on my side. Nope. Once I finally get the craft under control, I’m expected to abandon the one person in the world who’s closest to me, just to save myself.
Magic. Damned if you don’t. Screwed if you do.
FinalSPRUNG coverMED Witchbound Series Cover & Trailer Reveals + Giveaway
Since she discovered magic, seventeen-year-old Skye Jackson’s life is almost perfect. Almost. Even perfect has its glitches.
What happens when the one with all the power makes the biggest mistakes? Welcome to my life.
Four months ago, I couldn’t have been happier. When my parents got divorced, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Especially when Mom married a guy half her age. But then I found out I wasn’t the average Joana. Discovering magic existed and, best of all, I could use it, made everything easier to deal with. That is until I got a little too spell happy. But what girl wouldn’t defend her best friend against a world-class creep? Now I’m stuck in a nightmare, forced to make life and death decisions I never dreamed I’d face.
Love the magic, hate the responsibility.

There's even a giveaway over on her page!

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