Saturday, December 29, 2012

Looking Forward to 2013!!

2012 hasn't been very good to me.  I had 3 heart attacks and spent most of the summer in and out of the hospital.  My son hasn't had a good time of it either.  He was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder along with agoraphobia.  He is now being homeschooled.  Then came Hurricane Sandy.  We didn't lose our house, but were without power for over a week and had to hop from friends and family's houses for warm meals and warm beds(or floors).  The kids are still traumatized and freak out whenever the wind blows too hard.  
But, I have to be thankful that I am still here and that my kids are healthy and that we have food in our bellies and a warm house to sleep in.  
How was your year in general?  

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