Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's Talk BEA

I'm actually having an anxiety attack over this.  I live on Long Island which is close to NYC.  I could very well take the train into the city and sleep at home every night.  The problem is that, one, I've had 4 heart attacks since last May and I'm not sure if my doctor would approve of me going to such an event, and two, I would need to use a wheelchair.  Has any previous attendees seen people in wheelchairs there?  Are they allowed?  I know it gets super crowded.  I just really want to go to experience BEA and see for myself how wonderful it is.  Another problem is that I don't know who would go with me.  It's during the week and everyone works!
So, who has registered already and who is going to register?  I really want to know!  If you are going, what are you signing up for?  
Here's the link:

People come here from all over the world and I feel so left out when I'm so close to the action, yet have to live through everyone else!


  1. I can't attend living in europe but it's kind of a dream to go at least so i can understandwhy you are frustrated at the idea to be left out.

    i dopn't have answer for you perhaps would it be better to stay there to sleep to avoid too many hours in transport that could exhaust you.
    anyway i don't think they can forbid wheelchairs, you could ask them directly but i don't see any reason they could, perhaps you even get a special line for the signatures^^

    1. Thanks for replying. I actually just called BEA and they said wheelchairs are fine, just no rolling carts or empty strollers. People bring these things to carry all the books and swag you get there. I'm not even sure I would sign up for anything special except for the bloggers conference. I just want to experience it. I get jealous when I hear about others going and then seeing the pictures afterward. LOL

    2. i'm jealous too also when i see all the book and swag they get because in my country book convention are nearly non existent ( or small small) and we don't receive anything so it's frustrating^^

      i'm glad you can go and i really hope you will have a wonderful experience try not to overdo it though ^^ it's big and you won't be able to see all in one day but Have fun!