Friday, August 10, 2012

The tornado today...

Photo: Ronkonkoma today!

This is the tornado that ripped through my Long Island, NY town today.  The thing is, WE DON'T GET TORNADOES!!!  I'm kind of ticked off with my husband.  He was at work and I told him there was a tornado warning.  He said, "You'll be find".  Those are famous last words, aren't they? lol  I had my 3 little one's here with me.  All I knew was to get in the basement. Thank God, it didn't hit here but hit my son's middle school.  Not sure about damage yet.

Have you ever been in a tornado?  I have heard so many scary stories, but never thought I would be near one.


  1. I'm happy you and your family are fine

  2. VERY scary but glad you are all ok. I grew up in wisconsin and the sirens went off a lot during tornado season...we spent a lot of time in the basement reading books! LOL! Never had one touch down near us, though!

    1. Thank you ladies! I showed my husband the reports and he apologized for not taking it seriously. It's because we never get them here so we just sort of shoo away the reports. I'm not sure if I could ever live in the midwest where there are many tornadoes throughout the year.