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{Blog Tour} Soul Journey by Miranda Shanklin

Book Title: Soul Journey
Series: Soul Series book 1
Author: Miranda Shanklin
Release Date: August 31, 2014
Presented by: As You Wish Tours

It has been many lifetimes since the cycle began. 

The cycle that still haunts Annisa Lawson. 

A spell cast in desperation to help, which only caused heartache. 

Now, Annisa has found her way out of the varying repeats of her past; only to bring more danger to herself, and those around her. Now she must learn to survive with the help of her friends: Chase, Penelope, and Landon have all gone through each life cycle with Annisa. Sometimes helping, sometimes hindering. Now that Annisa has broken the cycle of their collective punishment, she finds that she needs her friends more than ever to keep their enemies, known, and unknown, at bay. As the group of friends learn of their souls' journeys through their many life cycles, they must also learn to control the magick they have discovered within themselves and each other, in order to defeat the most feared assassin in their world. 


"The only way for all of you to free yourselves from this punishment is by acting maturely and handling the whole situation rationally. The four of you have a very strong bond and were all meant to exist harmoniously with each other. All of your strength comes from the bond and close relationships that you were all destined to have. This punishment will be passed around so that all witches know what has happened, but with the warning that they are not to interfere in any way. This will reinforce the knowledge that magick must be used responsibly.”

 When he finished his announcement he was gone.

I looked at Penelope, saw the regret and heard her say, “I’m sorry; I didn’t know it would come back on us all. I was just trying to help.”

 Then a series of images started to be presented. I could tell that I was seeing snippets from each of my prior lives. I was shown how in life after life I continually made the same mistakes. Each lifetime was the same as the first. I would not make a decision before it was too late or if I did the boys didn't handle it well. I watched as I continually slept with one or both of them and then saw the consequences of my actions. I was so ashamed of my actions and how they had affected those that meant the most to me. I woke up on the loveseat in my living room at the same time that Landon woke up on the arm chair and Chase woke up on the couch. All three of us just looked at each other for a moment. I could feel the power racing through my veins and I finally felt whole.

 Penelope walked in with cups of herbal tea for us with a smile on her face.

 “Oh good, you're all finally awake. That took longer than I thought it would. First, I want to apologize. It was my spell that finally pushed the matter too far and brought the punishment on us all. If what I was told was correct you were all given a portion of your memories just now. You won't get all of your memories at once, that would be way too much to try and process all at once. I’m guessing that the Counsel let you see the punishment being handed down and then snippets of each lifetime to show you the mistakes that we made over and over again."

“Landon, I'm sure you're wondering how you got here. Your parents knew this would happen, so they watched and waited for you to faint and then brought you here so that we could all talk when you all woke up. The adults have all decided to give us some privacy. They're all over at my house and we can call them and they'll come back if we need them or have any questions for them. Since I have all my memories, I don’t think we'll need them. So, go ahead and ask your questions.”

We all looked at her with looks of pure astonishment and shame on our faces. I was the first one to recover. “You have nothing to be sorry for. You were just trying to help. I'm the one that caused most of the problems. I know the boy attacking each other was just them reacting to my inability to listen to my heart.”

About the Author

Miranda Shanklin resides in Central Illinois with her husband and their two children. When she is not working at her day job as a paralegal, running her children to practices or supporting them at events she is writing. She has been an avid reader most of her life and has always dreamed of writing her own books someday. Now that her children are reaching their teenage years she is finding the time to sit down and chase her dream.
Miranda loves to hear your opinions and uses the feedback to improve. You can find her on Facebook at or email her at

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