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{Blog Tour} Billy Lovecraft Saves the World by Billy Lovecraft

Billy Lovecraft Saves the World
Billy Lovecraft

Genre: middle-grade, action-adventure, paranormal, horror, science-fiction
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Release: November 13, 2014
Cover Artist: Andy Garcia

The last thing Billy Lovecraft’s parents sent him before the crash was a photo of something on
the wing of their plane.
Now he’s stuck with a horrible and heart-breaking mystery: What was that awful creature, and
why were his parents targeted?
It’s up to Billy to gather a team of like-minded kids and lead them through a dark new reality
where the monsters are real, not everyone is who they seem to be, and an ancient alien wants to
devour the world.

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Big Jim taps his desk with that same one-two-three musical rhythm. "The real question here is: who would want to kill Billy's parents? And why?"
Billy thinks, Because they said they were going to train me.
Alarms go off in Billy's living room. Nothing loud enough to annoy the neighbors, just loud enough to get his attention. Red lights on top of his security cameras flash.
Harryhausen blares: "Intruders detected."
The nerds tense up.
Big Jim shouts, "What's going on, Billy?"
"I've got some guests."
"Robbers again?"
"No idea. Gotta check my cameras."
Billy bounds away from his computer desk and slides open a panel on the wall. Behind the panel are four views of the outside. Every one on a different screen. They show the front, left, right and back of the house.
Harryhausen blares again "There is an intruder in every quarter."
It’s a real ray of sunshine.
Billy studies the screens. "There's nothing there."
"According to the motion sensors, the intruders are circling the house."
Billy looks. His pulse pounds in his ears. "I can't see anything! Switch to night vision on all cameras."
The screens flash. The trees and the grass look spooky through the infrared spectrum, all black but tinged with fuzzy sparkles of green. Streetlights and apartments across the street show up super bright, and Billy has to look away. Last thing he needs right now is burned retinas.
A shape scuttles in the corner of the front yard. It's more of a blur than anything else. Too hard to see.
Something else skitters to the left of the house. Then the right.
Whatever the shapes are, they zip around like insects.
Billy can hear them through the speakers.
A slight fluttering of wings. Quick footsteps. Voices… Voices that buzz and buzz in an imitation of human speech.
Ia… Shub-Niggurath…
The black goat of the woods with a thousand young.
Azathoth calls from the Gulf.
Give us that which is ours so it can be delivered unto Him.
Billy covers his mouth with his hand. "Oh, man." The hairs on his neck stand up. He punches the button to roll down storm shutters on all the windows then scoots back to his computer. "You guys know anything about creatures that buzz when they talk?"
Sweet-Tooth beats out the rest of the Squad. "Mi-go. Fungi from Yuggoth. Five-foot tall fungoid-crustacean-y bugs with wings and lumpy heads covered in glowing antennae. They're scientists, actually. Very, very frakking smart."
Metal Max runs his hands through his hair. "They like to study humans. Which would be fine, except they do it by stealing people's brains and putting them in metal cylinders."
"They're also driven by an urge to collect stones that carry designs from one of their homeworld moons. The designs are sacred to them."
"The designs and the stones can be used in conjunction with the Necronomicon for all kinds of rituals. They'll hunt those stones forever."
Billy sighs. He stares at the ceiling. "Dad, what did you get me into?" He returns his attention to his friends. "All right—I can't see them on the cameras though."
"They're not made of the same stuff we are." Metal Max wrinkles his forehead. "They won't show up on camera."
Medusa snaps her fingers. "Try ultraviolet."
Billy switches the cameras to ultraviolet at the security station. The screens take on a deep purple hue. The trees and the grass are a brilliant pink. And so are—
"Ah, poop."
The Mi-go are everywhere. A dozen nasty monsters with claws. Their egg-shaped heads are lined by feelers. They stand on thick legs, and their feet leave weird footprints. They're an infestation. An infection from the Outside. They crawl along the front yard. The trees to the left and the right. They scale the sides of the apartment buildings around Billy's house and buzz in unison, Give us that which is ours so it can be delivered unto Him.

Billy mutters, "Man, I don't know who this 'Him' guy is, but I have a feeling it would be a bad move for me to gives these bugs anything."


About The Author:
Billy Lovecraft is the young leader of the Cthulhu Detective Squad, which he formed after the
death of his parents when he was twelve. He is a writer, scientist, occult scholar, and frequent
savior of the world. The things in his basement will give you nightmares.
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