Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend Plans?

I would like to live through you for the weekend.  Any exciting plans?  I will probably be home in my pajama's.  We were hit with Hurricane Sandy last week, and then the nor'easter this week.  I've been sick since before the hurricane and I can't shake it.  
My daughter is moving into a new apartment but I can't go see it because I can't be that far away from my hospital, for fear of another heart attack.  I had 2 heart attacks over the summer and still have a lot of chest pains.  My daughter lives just north of Albany, NY and I am on Long Island in NY.  
I'm hoping to finish the book I'm reading.  It is called Sneak by Evan Angler.  I'm halfway through and have no idea what I'll read next.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Even a genre would help.

Anyway, have an amazing weekend and be safe!

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