Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekend Plans?

I'm a nosy person so I would love to know what everyone is doing on the weekend.  Me?  I'm hoping to get my husband outside Saturday for some planting.  Sunday I have a Tastefully Simple party to go to.  Otherwise, I think that's it for the planning part.  Who ever knows what we'll wind up doing in between.  If it's nice out, maybe we'll take a ride to the water.


  1. I am not sure after spending the most gorgeous weekend in Portland, Oregon so far this year last week in bed with strep throat, I intend to make the most of this weekend. Barbeque, spend some time outside and maybe a trip downtown to Voodoo Donuts with the kiddos. Have a great weekend.

    1. Ugh, strep. We suffer almost all winter with strep. We all keep passing it on to each other. Hopefully the weather will hold up for you so you can get outside.